• 1. What is OMR?
  • OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition. OMR is used to read forms, which have variable sized filled entries. The entry can be in the form of check marks, a cross, an oval, a circle or some scribble. The OMR detects marks in the scanned images and classifies them accordingly.

  • 2. What is OMR sheet?
  • OMR sheet is a document which is printed with OMR specifications. There are some fixed rules and regulation under which OMR sheet should be designed. Our OMR sheets are designed according to the Govt. standards of different examinations.

  • 3. What is an MCQ Test?
  • MCQ tests are objective exams based on multiple choice questions. Here, the students need to choose the correct answer from the given choices of answers for a question.

  • 4. How are OMR Sheet Results Processed?
  • OMR sheet results are processed with help of Lsoft OMR Sheet checking software, which having capabilities of recognizing predefined answer patterns to correlate data and calculate results.

  • 5. What type of reports we can get from the Online Result Website?
  • Students can view their marks subjectwise and groupwise. They are also view their complete analysis report to avoid their mistakes which may occur during final exams and improve their time management skill. They get online results in both statistical and graphical formats. Students can view their overall performance analysis report, so that they can judge and compare their level with themselve. Also they get results with class ranking and national ranking (AIR).

  • 6. What are the benefits of OMR answer sheet?
  • Quality and accuracy are important factors while filling circles of OMR sheet and this test practices help candidates to be expertised.
    Many times different types of OMR Sheets create stress and confusion in candidates mind. The regular practice helps them to overcome stress and confusion

  • 7. Which are the benefits of Lsoft OMR services?
  • There is no need go for software purchase, if candidates are low in quantity. Also no need to deploy dedicated person for scanning and result generation process.

  • 8. How can OMR answer sheets send to Lsoft?
  • After conducting exams, collect all answer sheets and send it to Lsoft via courier service.

  • 9. In how many days we get OMR test result?
  • After receiving OMR sheets, Lsoft will processed result within 24 hours and upload it on online portal. so, you can see online test result at your destination and also you will get hard copy of performance analysis of individual candidate.

  • 10. Can we get all OMR sheets and reports with institute name and logo?
  • Yes, lsoft provides OMR sheets and test reports with institute brand name and logo as per requirement.

  • 11. Is negative marking system available in software, if required?
  • Yes, it is totally flexible with marking system.

  • 12. What is SMS facility?
  • Under this facility, result will be sent to each candidates or their parents through SMS. Useful for marketing point of view.

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